Current Sunday School Classes

Beginning @ 9:45am

Grab a cup of coffee and a donut in the Fellowship Hall and join us in one of the following classes:

Pastor Goss – The Changes God Makes (Fellowship Hall)
God is desiring to change us into His image. What changes do we need to make to become more like Christ? What does it take to be more like Him?

Pastor Tim & Trudi McDaniel – Wiilationships (Choir Room)
Current series: The Good Life
Discover God’s principles for maximum enjoyment wherever you are. That might sound like an unbelievable premise, but He said that if we follow these principles, we would “enjoy a long life.” Everyone is welcome.

Pastor Steve Anderson – Gospel of John  (Auditorium)
Readers of John’s account of the life and ministry of Jesus will discover encouragement, insight, and reassurance in their faith. The Gospel of John is easy to understand at the surface, but has a depth to it that scholars who have spent their entire lives in the study of it have not fully exhausted.

Pastor Nate Goss – Peace (Room 207)
Life is tough. There is not enough time, and so much to do. Is there a way to deal with all the stress? Peace. Join us as we discover how to have less stress and more time.

Youth Sunday School

Retro – 6-8th Grade (Room 203)
Real Talk – 9-12th Grade (Room 208)