Worship Arts

The music ministry of Faith Assembly exists to cultivate engaging worship in an environment of support, joy and excellence. As a ministry we value the nurturing, discipling, training and releasing of individuals to be effective stewards of the gifts God has given them. Our commitment to unity through diversity is reflected in in our motto, “Many Faces, One Voice”.

The music ministry of Faith Assembly is comprised of thee main components: The Adult Choir, The Worship Band and Frontline.

The Adult Choir
Faith Assembly’s Adult Choir meets on Thursday evenings at 7:00 in the choir room of the main campus  (in the hallway to the left of the stage). Find out how to get involved in The Adult Choir.

The Worship Band
The Band, rhythm section and winds, rehearses on Thursday night at 5:45. Membership is by audition only. Find out more about The Worship Band.

Faith Assembly’s worship team, Frontline, meets on Thursday evening at 5:45. Aside from ministering in Sunday and Wednesday services, Frontline is also in integral part of the Adult Choir. Find out more about Frontline.

Continue to Worship.FaithNFM.com for more information about the entire Worship Arts ministry of Faith Assembly.

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