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Starting on April 11th, Sunday Classes are coming back! Our two goals here at Faith are to reach more people and to help grow their relationship with Christ. Sunday Classes are a big way we are able to accomplish that latter goal. Each Sunday, we will be having a variety of classes at 8:15am, which include:

  • Adult class taught by Pastor Goss and Pastor Steve in the Hall
  • Adult class taught by Pastor Tim and Trudi in the Music Room (located by the Auditorium bathrooms, to the left of the stage)
  • Faith Youth class taught by Pastor Blake in the Youth Area
  • A range of classes for Faith Kids & Faith Kids Jr, split into ages

Pastor Goss and Pastor Anderson’s class will be “A Journey to Freedom,” a study in God taking the children of Israel from slavery to freedom.

Pastor Tim and Trudi’s class will be called “Winning the War in Your Mind.”

Coffee and donuts will also be available!

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